Everlasting Opals is a third generation Opal business that brings only the highest quality Australian Opal. Our Opal is sourced and mined throughout Australia, most notably the world famous 'Lightning Ridge, NSW'. Our quality of Opal is a proud fact that has been held through the generations and delivering only the worlds best quality Opal is our driving factor.


Once you see the Opal dance you instantly know you're holding something truly amazing, you feel connected to the world that is and taken to places never before imagined. This gemstone has taken millions of years to form, you know that Opal is something truly rare and will never be seen again. 


There is nothing like the beauty of Australian Opals to compare to on this known earth, it entraps you. The way you think you've been mesmerised before and then it gives you a new sensation you've never experienced. A beautiful chaos that can't be measured.


Colours that can't be recreated, patterns the can't be designed. Every piece different, every colour piercing. Truly natures ultimate work, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Dali these are the levels of beauty to compare.

Enjoy your own piece of history today before it's all gone tomorrow.

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