How to sort through and select opal from a rough parcel

Episode 1 - How to sort through and select opal from a rough parcel

 Extra tips and key points:

- Use a white or silver tray when sorting through rough opal. Black trays can be deceptive and makes the colour of the stone appear stronger than it actually is. This is important when buying opal, so you don't overspend and get ripped off.

- Good quality opal should be able to hold it's colour without much light. If you have to 'work' for the colour and really have to get it in the 'right' light, the opal might not be as good as advertised.

- A little water helps brings out the colour in rough opal, but be aware when purchasing a 'Jar' of opal rough in water. Always, pour out the rough and sort through it piece by piece. Yes, this takes time, but if they're an ethical opal dealer they will be happy for you to sort through and ensure the colour of the opal is legit.

- When deciding if the 'price is right' to purchase rough opal, this takes time and experience. You want to find in the 'parcel of rough' enough stones to cover the price your paying and a little left over for profit. 

- Never feel pressured to buy, if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or 'forced' into a deal, walk away. It's better to keep your money and find an ethical seller who you feel comfortable with, and your happy with the quality of opal being purchased. 

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